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Carpet in Augusta, GA

Looking for a beautiful new carpet? At American Carpet One Floor & Home in Augusta, GA, we have local flooring experts who will teach you everything you want to know. With our vast selection of quality carpet flooring, we can help you find an option that suits your lifestyle, budget, and performance needs. Do you like extra soft carpet? Do you have kids or pets? These are things we take into account when searching for the right fit. Whatever your needs, we are sure to have something for you. Shop our carpet selection now!

What are the Different Types of Carpet?


Technology has brought carpet flooring a long way, and today we have a huge variety of carpet options available, from pet-friendly and stain-resistant choices to commercial carpet tiles. Made with high-activity homes in mind, these carpets may surprise you with how well they perform. Combine performance with stylish patterns, colors, and designs, and you’ll have the perfect floor for your space.

How do you balance what you want with what you need? Choosing the right type of carpet based on fiber type and the pile is a good place to start. We have synthetic and natural fibers that vary in texture and strength. For instance, synthetics like nylon and triexta carpets are incredibly durable and soft. Natural choices like wool carpets are eco-friendly and biodegradable when it’s time to replace them.

Types of Carpet Fibers


Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s incredibly popular due to its superior softness, durability, and resilience. It’s available in many colors and styles.

Polyester is another popular synthetic that’s similar in appearance and texture to nylon. Polyester tends to be more affordable than nylon and, thanks to modern ingenuity, is more durable than ever.

Olefin is a synthetic fiber renowned for its vibrant colors. Olefin is often used in Berber-style carpets and is very durable.

Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic fiber that’s especially popular for homes with kids and pets. It is equipped with reliable stain resistance.

Wool is a natural carpet fiber that’s long been lauded for its softness and its ability to insulate. Wool organically resists odors and moisture but requires special care.

Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet never fails to bring comfort underfoot and a soft, inviting place to land. If you’re looking to come home and feel the warmth of carpet or experience a family movie night on a warm plush surface, we suggest installing carpet in the living room or den. It can also be installed in bedrooms and offices. Carpet is not resistant to moisture, so bathrooms and kitchens are not ideal for this type of flooring. Stain, wear, and fade-resistant carpets can be installed in areas with heavy traffic including staircases and hallways. We also have commercial carpet options like carpet tiles, which can handle high-traffic settings without issue.

Our Carpet Selection


We’re your local carpet store and the best place to buy flooring in the area. With a huge range of carpet styles, you’re sure to find something you love when you shop with us. From a professional-looking office carpet to a cozy plush carpet, we have a range of designs to suit your space. We even have exclusive carpet brands like Relax it’s...Lees® and Tigressá. Finding your carpet is no longer a hassle; visit our showroom in Augusta to browse our carpet samples and learn more.

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How to Maintain Carpet Properly


Taking care of your carpet properly can mean years of lasting looks. Find out what you should do to achieve the best-looking carpet.





Custom Stair Runners


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