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custom stair runners

Custom Stair Runners

Runner Rugs for Staircases

A custom stair runner will not only add style to your space but also durable protection. Stair carpets protect the hard surface steps from wearing down and fading over time, as well as from scratches and scuffs. At American Carpet One Floor & Home in Augusta, GA, we offer custom stair runner services. We can make a runner or stair carpet from any of our many carpet collections. We’ll custom measure, cut, bind, and install the runner so that it looks beautiful and endures for years to come.

Stairs are one of the first places you’ll see wear when it comes to hard surface flooring. That’s because they experience a lot of foot traffic and people tend to put more weight behind their steps as they move down. In order to keep your hard surface steps protected, we recommend adding either a stair runner or fully carpeting your stairs. Stair runners are perfect if you want the natural beauty of your hardwood steps to show. Stairs with a carpet cover are also more slip-resistant and easier for older family members, children, and pets to get up and down.

Our showroom features a wide array of carpet designs. Whether you want a stair runner that blends in with your current decor and flooring, or you want a bold pattern that pops, we have you covered. Contact us today or stop into our showroom to talk with our experienced team and learn more.